• Q. Do you have a catalog?
  • A:
    No, we do not have a catalog. Our products are custom designed and engineered on a customer by customer basis. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your project
  • Q. What are your delivery terms?
  • A:
    Versatek has two delivery trucks that predominately service the local region. The majority of deliveries are by third party common carrier, FOB Lititz.
  • Q. How can I get a quote?
  • A:
    Versatek's quoting is done in house. Due to the custom nature of each project you will need to contact us to discuss your request.
  • Q. Can I order a single display or part?
  • A:
    Yes, you can order one display or part. Depending on the project one unit still involves substantial engineering and other effort which can be relatively costly. Please contact us for further information.
Display for Sant Andrea Colorful bit display