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A fortuitous result of our diverse customer base, we have experience with a wide variety of manufacturing materials. Unlike some manufacturers who may try to make a product work with their preferred material, we work with clients of all types and can provide exceptional solutions utilizing a wide range of materials. Some of our most frequently used core materials include:

  • Panelized engineering wood products
    • High pressure laminates
    • Melamine
  • Hard and soft woods
    • Particle board
    • MDF
    • Hardwoods
  • Access to green materials
    • Cat 1 compliant materials
    • LEED project components
    • FSC certified wood products
    • And much more!
  • Veneer
  • Corrugated paper products
  • Wire and metal
  • Plastics and acrylics
  • Custom metal
  • Glass
  • Electrical components

Versatek has experience with UL approvals and NSF certifications, and we also have extensive access to a full line of green building materials. Contact us to speak with a project specialist about your specific needs.